Rajdhani Besan 100% Pure Besan
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Rajdhani Besan 1 kg 100% Pure Besan

Rajdhani Besan 1 kg. There are a lot of food items in your kitchen but Rajdhani Besan is the tastiest of them all. Chana Besan is a good diet. In this article we have brought the review of Rajdhani Besan for you.

Rajdhani Besan 100% Pure Besan

Buying Guide

  • Real Chana Besan is capable of absorbing water but others are not.
  • If you want to buy loose bag Chana Besan then you can taste that gram flour before buying. Its taste will be like gram powder.
  • You should ensure that the chana is free from adulteration.
  • You should ensure that the Chana Besan has been hygienically processed and has not been touched by hand.
  • A Good quality Chana Chana Besan comes with advanced grinding technology that retains the natural Chana taste and aroma.
  • A Good quality Chana Besan is rich in protein.
ProductRajdhani Besan 100% Pure Besan
Item Weight1 Kilograms
Storage InstructionsAirtight container free from moisture and sunlight.
SpecialtySuitable for Vegetarian
Dimensions‎40 x 14 x 4 cm
Item FormRoasted
Allergen InformationAllergen-Free

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  • Rajdhani Besan is an ISO 22000:2005 certified company.
  • This besan has a unique quality in taste mention its customers in their reviews on various platforms.
  • Rajdhani Besan also contains rich protein.
  • This is Healthy and tasty, Without Polished, anti-inflammatory & Packed with natural proteins, Cleaned and Hygienically.
  • This Besan contains healthy unsaturated fats & are a good source of fiber

Rajdhani Besan rajdhani mota besan

This Besan gives all the experiences that are expected from a good quality Besan. Therefore its rating is 4.5.

Our Score

Why to Buy?

  • This Chana Besan is free from any adulteration.
  • It comes in taste mentioned reviews by its customers.
  • All the nutrients are present in this Chana Besan.
  • The price is also reasonable and lower than the Fortune brand.
  • You should definitely try it once.
  • This Chana Besan gets only 400+ reviews on Amazon. But still it is really pleased with its customers.

Why not to Buy?

  • This Chana Besan is not as good as Fortune brand Besan.


Is Rajdhani Besan 100% Pure Besan good for health?

Rajdhani Besan 100% Pure Besan is high quality Besan So, this is free from adulteration & comes with nutrients. Therefore Chana is ok for your health.

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